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3 Top Electric Vehicle Stocks to Buy for the Long Haul

The “dot-com” bubble is one of the most famous periods in stock market history. The internet was new, and an investor frenzy bid up stocks that had anything to do with the worldwide web. Eventually, the bubble burst and most of the frenzied stocks are no longer around today.

A similar craze with electric vehicles (EVs) has occurred; electric vehicle company Rivian may IPO at a larger valuation than Ford Motor Company without delivering a single vehicle! But just like the internet, electric vehicles are coming, and some great companies are leading the charge; here are three of them.


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These stocks provide a better way to invest in the electric-vehicle revolution than the car makers themselves

The growth path for the electric vehicle industry seems inevitable. Governments are using incentives to encourage consumers to make the switch. Investors have been along for the ride — shares of Tesla Inc. have risen more 87% over the past year, while Nio Inc.’s stock has gained 175%.

But there are different and potentially more profitable ways to invest in the budding EV wave from here. Zehrid Osmani, co-manager of the Martin Currie International Unconstrained Equity Fund LUISX, projects annualized growth of EV unit sales of 40% until 2030. He shared two factors to consider:

  • There are many types of
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Why So Many Electric-Vehicle Stocks Closed Lower on Thursday

What happened

Shares of several electric-vehicle companies closed lower on Thursday, after global auto giant Toyota (NYSE: TM) said that it will cut its September production by 40% due to parts shortages.

Here’s how these companies fared on Thursday, relative to their closing prices on Wednesday.

So what

Toyota said on Thursday morning that it will cut production at 14 of its factories in Japan next month due to parts shortages, reducing its global output for the month by 40%. That news sent many auto stocks lower today — and vulnerable electric-vehicle start-ups suffered some of the largest declines.


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4 Top Autonomous Vehicle Stocks To Watch This Week

Are These These The Best AV Stocks To Buy This Week?

Autonomous vehicle (AV) stocks are among the most exciting industries in the stock market. Who doesn’t like the idea of getting to your destination safely while having the ability to multitask in your vehicle? This is basically the dream scenario that the automotive industry promises. That said, it is still a young industry with plenty of untapped potential. So, it is not surprising that some of the largest tech companies in the world are showing interest in the industry. 

For example, Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOGL) has

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3 Electric Vehicle Stocks to Benefit From an EV Boom; Analysts Say ‘Buy’

Electric vehicles (EVs) have been on the roads for the better part of two decades now, in slowly increasing numbers. The technology isn’t new – EVs were part of the initial wave of automotive technology over a century ago – but modern metallurgy, batteries, and drive trains have made them more practical. While the internal combustion engine still offers an overall better package of performance, power, and price, EVs are catching up.

They are getting a boost from the government, in the form of supportive policies. The Biden Administration is seeking a pledge from US automakers to make a full-court

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10 attractive stocks to watch for in Electric Vehicle industry

Electric Vehicle Stocks India: Electric vehicles are gaining widespread recognition in India. Alarming rates of emission and skyrocketing fuel prices are driving the adoption of electric vehicles among the masses and therefore EV stocks are the hottest trend. Finding the one to ride the trend could be a daunting task as several companies have yielded great wealth and their valuations have increased manifolds. When it comes to EVs, it is not only the carmaker but the industry that is composed of companies focused on its

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