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Varieties Of Cooling Program In Auto Engine

Automotive ComponentsAutomotive and light truck markets via the international OEM and independent aftermarket sectors. The South African automotive industry contributes around 4.9% to national GDP. Autonomous autos: These are self-driving, driverless or robotic automobiles that can sense their environment and navigate with out human input. Infrastructure: The organizational structure is the backbone for success in the automotive business. The structure of the body of the automobile is very first formed, and then distinct components such as the engine, transmission program, and other components are placed at appropriate locations in the body structure.

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Skilled to Work: Advanced Automotive Technology Program

Wade Bucy is juggling more than just high school.

The Bob Jones High School student is participating in Calhoun Community College’s dual enrollment program. In the program, he’s able to get college credits while earning a certification in Automotive Technology. 

“By the end of high school, I would be one summer short of an associate’s degree in auto mechanics,” said Bucy. “So I’d finish that out and probably go to a four-year college.”

Bucy said he hasn’t pinned down a career plan just yet, but he’s already ahead of the game. 

“It’s really hands-on, we’re actually getting to break down

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Fair ends subscription, leasing program in pivot to marketplace model

Fair’s board has not yet approved a plan, and bankruptcy is not guaranteed, though a decision on the debt could come within months, Stewart told Automotive News. The company owes $315 million in senior secured debt to SoftBank, in addition to other unsecured liabilities, he said.

The vehicle leasing model “required it to raise a lot of debt, and the company has not been able to repay that debt and doesn’t have the ability to pay it,” he said. “And for us to raise the capital we need to pursue the marketplace business requires that debt to be eliminated

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PTC Automotive Technology Program cultivates new and old-school skill sets | Lakelands Connector

It’s true that auto shop work these days requires familiarity with computers, but today’s automotive technicians and mechanics still rely heavily on wrenches, pliers, socket adapters and other old-fashioned tools to get their work done. As much as things change, they also stay the same.

“Our Electude online simulation program is popular and effective with our students because it’s a familiar, game-based learning format,” said PTC Automotive Technology Program Director Gerald Sartin. “But easily 75% of our students are still using hand tools, and that component remains important.”

Sartin explained that lay people often believe that technicians these days working

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‘Look, no hands:’ Sinclair College program shows off latest in automotive technology

Next summer, Sinclair’s program will expand to educate instructors on how to operate popular electric car models such as the Chevy Volt and the Tesla Model 3 to help bring them up to speed on the new technology.

“Between automation and electrification, that’s going to be the wave of the future for the automotive industry,” Morgan said. “There’s currently a skills gap that exists between current technicians and graduating technicians that we need to make sure we address for the automotive industry in Ohio.”

It’s important that all new technicians and instructors receive as up-to-date an education as possible regarding

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