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Fontinalis Partners raises $104M for new wave of mobility technology

The venture firm Fontinalis Partners was founded in 2009 as its leaders saw an opportunity for technological advancements to improve the way that goods and individuals moved.

“We felt strongly that, over the next several years, there was going to be a wave of innovation that would not only affect the automotive sector, but manufacturing, transportation, logistics, retail and other high-consequence industry,” said Chris Stallman, partner of Fontinalis Partners, in an interview with FreightWaves.

“Smartphone adoption, prior to 2010, wasn’t that high so when we first started, it was a time where a lot of the first business models [we

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Autochek partners Appzone on car loans

Autochek, the automotive technology company, has announced a partnership with Appzone Group, a FinTech organisation, to provide Nigerians with access to car financing.

The partnership will see the Autochek platform integrating with Appzone’s proprietary digital core banking service, BankOne, in facilitating access to credit from over 400 Microfinance institutions for Nigerians.

Africa’s automobile is worth $45 billion a year, with only a five per cent financing penetration rate. Autochek’s partnership with Appzone is geared towards upending that figure and giving the power to the customer.

Autochek Chief Technology Officer Chetan Seth said the credit sourcing process starts with the listing

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