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Car insurance must evolve in line with new ownership concepts

Car ownership as we know it is over, writes Darius Kumana. It is time to transform traditional car insurance

The language we use around cars and car usage is quickly becoming antiquated as the industry goes through one of its biggest transformations since the introduction of the Ford Model T. The phrase ‘going to a dealership to buy a car’ alone contains two anachronisms. Today, very few people ‘buy’ a car in the traditional sense. According to the Finance and Leasing Association, last year in the UK, 93% of new car transactions to private individuals were financed.

Additionally, the

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The future of car ownership? Volkswagen goes low rent with $4.6b takeover bid for rental car company Europcar, as part of ‘mobility solutions’ transition

The Volkswagen Group is set to make a takeover bid for one of the world’s largest vehicle hire companies Europcar, signalling its intention to join other major car makers in the car rental and subscription market.

The takeover offer, worth $AU4.7b, is expected to be filed with the French Stock Market Authority towards the end of 2021 and may not be completed until early 2022.

Europcar operates in more than 140 countries, with a fleet of about 350,000 vehicles. Volkswagen is hoping to leverage this enormous reach and network as it transforms itself from a car seller to providing “mobility

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