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VW Model Lineup

Electric AutomotiveWith variety nevertheless being a large concern surrounding electric cars , they are clearly far from ideal cars for extended-distance trips, but it doesn’t mean that going on a road trip in an EV is a mission impossible. Over the decades, MEMS technology has discovered numerous applications within the motor vehicle, enabling innovative electronic systems and the reduction of production and assembly charges of security systems. Our adoption modeling yields a Chinese EV share above 70 % for new automobile sales in 2030 in the accelerated scenario. not too long ago published a market place study report titled Polyamide in … Read more

Fair ends subscription, leasing program in pivot to marketplace model

Fair’s board has not yet approved a plan, and bankruptcy is not guaranteed, though a decision on the debt could come within months, Stewart told Automotive News. The company owes $315 million in senior secured debt to SoftBank, in addition to other unsecured liabilities, he said.

The vehicle leasing model “required it to raise a lot of debt, and the company has not been able to repay that debt and doesn’t have the ability to pay it,” he said. “And for us to raise the capital we need to pursue the marketplace business requires that debt to be eliminated

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Electric Ford Model T Knockoff

Most of the fun and wacky electric vehicles I discover while wasting time perusing the infinite abyss of creativity that is the Alibaba shopping site are of the ultra-modern variety. But every now and again, something that is decidedly vintage catches my eye, as was the case with this funny little electric car that appears to be heavily inspired by the original Ford Model T. And fortunately for whatever random factory seems to be hawking this hot mess, it tickled my fancy enough to land it a coveted spot as the Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week!


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Machine vision system inspects mixed model automotive components

Skye Gorter and John DeWaal

Machine vision has long served the automotive manufacturing industry, but evolving needs require adaptable solutions. Suppliers developing multiple variations of the same part type need a machine vision solution that can inspect mixed models without requiring new hardware, additional floor space, or even new systems. When a Tier 2 automotive supplier’s existing system became too rigid and error-prone, it hired system integrator Skye Automation (Stirling, ON, Canada; www.skyeautomation.ca) to develop a flexible new solution.

The automotive supplier’s previous system had feeding problems. The supplier used vibratory bowl feeders to sort and orient parts for

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