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Liigu Mobility Shifts The Future Of Car Rental With Fully Mobile Access

TARTU, Estonia, Sept. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Liigu is a platform designed to provide new mobility solutions to various vehicle operators. Since vehicle-as-a-service is trending in the automotive world right now, both classic car rental companies and car dealerships with professional fleets can benefit from Liigu platform significantly. It is an easy way to expand revenue streams from the rapidly evolving mobility markets, get better utilization rates for existing fleets and satisfy customers’ growing need for contactless mobility services.

Using the Liigu Mobility platform enables vehicle operators to offer modern rental solutions that end customers seek: “This form

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Demand for Flexible Mobility Services for Personalized Customer Experience Boosts Prospects of Vehicle Subscription Market; Global Market Valuation to Surpass US$ 81.12 Bn by 2030: TMR Study

ALBANY, N.Y., Aug. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Vehicle Subscription Market: Broad Contours

The high demand for new vehicle leasing models has stemmed from the trend of mobility-as-a-service becoming a key framework for vehicle ownerships. The increased accessibility and affordability in personal mobility is the key pivot for the demand for products in the vehicle subscription market. Developed countries have been the early adopters driven by numerous launches of subscription services by automotive manufacturers.

Over the years, automotive dealerships are eyeing new revenue streams in developing regions, where end users are attracted to the benefits of leasing models over

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Fontinalis Partners raises $104M for new wave of mobility technology

The venture firm Fontinalis Partners was founded in 2009 as its leaders saw an opportunity for technological advancements to improve the way that goods and individuals moved.

“We felt strongly that, over the next several years, there was going to be a wave of innovation that would not only affect the automotive sector, but manufacturing, transportation, logistics, retail and other high-consequence industry,” said Chris Stallman, partner of Fontinalis Partners, in an interview with FreightWaves.

“Smartphone adoption, prior to 2010, wasn’t that high so when we first started, it was a time where a lot of the first business models [we

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RCI Bank and Services accelerates mobility move with Bipi deal


RCI Bank and Services, Renault Group’s automotive captive, has acquired Bipi, a multi-brand platform specialising in car subscription for used vehicles, as part of a push to increase its presence in the pay-as-you-go market. The lender said the move will support its Mobilize brand and enable it to develop and offer more flexible mobility options more rapidly.

The French bank has been experimenting and exploring the prospects for car subscription offers with initiatives and offers launched in several countries with local partners. Positioned halfway between long-term rental products

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The future of car ownership? Volkswagen goes low rent with $4.6b takeover bid for rental car company Europcar, as part of ‘mobility solutions’ transition

The Volkswagen Group is set to make a takeover bid for one of the world’s largest vehicle hire companies Europcar, signalling its intention to join other major car makers in the car rental and subscription market.

The takeover offer, worth $AU4.7b, is expected to be filed with the French Stock Market Authority towards the end of 2021 and may not be completed until early 2022.

Europcar operates in more than 140 countries, with a fleet of about 350,000 vehicles. Volkswagen is hoping to leverage this enormous reach and network as it transforms itself from a car seller to providing “mobility

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