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Looking for a good mechanic? Odds are your garage is, too. It’s Seattle’s other labor shortage.

When Mike Zebley took a job delivering tools to Seattle-area car shops this year, he quickly learned that what most of his customers needed wasn’t tools so much as people who knew how to use them.

Nearly every shop on Zebley’s route was so hard-up for skilled mechanics that many promised Zebley up to $1,000 for anyone he could recruit. Despite the incentive, however, Zebley hasn’t been able to deliver a single mechanic. “Everybody that I go to needs techs,” he says. “They’re pretty desperate.”

Stop by any Seattle-area garage, car dealership, or body shop and you’ll likely hear a

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Looking for a good mechanic? Odds are your garage is, too |

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Essential Air Tools Every Mechanic Should Own

essential air tools

Ingersoll Rand

Cordless power tools just keep getting better, with most products meeting and even exceeding the performance of their pneumatic siblings. However, there are some good reasons air-powered tools have stuck around. They tend to be lighter than their battery-powered competitors, offer higher levels of strength, and can often be more versatile on the trigger.

For these reasons, we came up with some essential pneumatic tools every mechanic should have in their toolbox; the products on this list were selected based on top-rated reviews from Amazon. So before you dive shoulders deep into your next automotive repair, make sure

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MetroWest mechanic shortage as less students enroll in technical class

Those who are looking to get their cars fixed might have to wait a few days — even weeks — before they can nail down an appointment at their neighborhood auto shop.

A shortage of mechanics is the reason. Simply put, there just aren’t enough of them to do all of the work.

“I’ve been looking for a mechanic for over five months,” said Tony Lakkis, who has owned Sudbury Mobil at 432 Boston Post Road (Rte. 20) for 32 years. He employs one mechanic, but needs another.

Meanwhile, work is piling up. And Lakkis isn’t alone.

At Wally &

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