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I-CAR to open second technical center in response to EVs, evolving technologies

Responding to continuing changes in vehicle technology, I-CAR has announced that it will open a second technical center in the Chicago area for advanced research and development, in order to continue delivering needed education and support for the collision repair inter-industry.

I-CAR said the addition of the second technical center is central to its efforts to expand its technical expertise, capacity and capabilities as automotive technologies continue to evolve. The new center will focus on ongoing and emerging technology complexities associated with Electric Vehicles (EVs), Hybrid Vehicles (HV), Advanced Driver Assisted Systems (ADAS) and more, I-CAR said.

The new site,

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Could car subscriptions be the next big thing for EVs?

Last week, I wrote about the trend away from car dealership sales and towards direct-to-consumer approaches, especially when it comes to selling electric vehicles. As app-enabled sales of vehicles rise, I wonder: Do “car subscription” models have a chance of being the next big thing? 

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) seems to think so. The consulting firm takes the trend of direct-to-consumer car sales one step further with the suggestion that the market will continue moving away from the purchasing of cars altogether. In the new report “Will Car Subscriptions Revolutionize Auto Sales?” BCG calculates that by 2030, car subscriptions

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I drove a hydrogen fuel cell electric car. EVs make more sense.

My hands were starting to go numb, something that tends not to happen when I’m refueling my car in July.

As I pulled helplessly on the frozen nozzle connected to my loaner 2021 Toyota Mirai, I looked around the San Francisco Shell station, desperate for someone to magically melt the hydrogen pump off the car so I could get out of there. I was testing out the car for its performance, aesthetics, tech, and anything else, but I could already tell I would only be thinking about refueling.

I frantically read and re-read all the signage, noting the warning to

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