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Why Electric Cars Have Regular 12V Car Batteries

Manufacturers are investing huge sums into battery technology to maximize the range and performance of new electric cars. However, if you pop the hood of a modern EV, you might find a regular old 12-volt car battery. That may be a confusing experience, but fear not — we’ll explore why that’s there, and uncover the secrets of an electric car’s 12 volt systems while we’re at it.

The 12V battery nestled in a Tesla Model 3. These batteries often fail in EVs, as they don’t draw high current from the lead-acid battery on starting like an ICE does. It’s believed this high current draw regularly breaks up deposits that build up on the plates of the battery, helping it last longer. EVs don’t do this, and 12V battery failures are common.

Most electric cars get around with just one big, high voltage battery pack full of rechargeable lithium cells that drive the motor. But, EVs also have a regular old 12 volt lead-acid

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10 attractive stocks to watch for in Electric Vehicle industry

Electric Vehicle Stocks India: Electric vehicles are gaining widespread recognition in India. Alarming rates of emission and skyrocketing fuel prices are driving the adoption of electric vehicles among the masses and therefore EV stocks are the hottest trend. Finding the one to ride the trend could be a daunting task as several companies have yielded great wealth and their valuations have increased manifolds. When it comes to EVs, it is not only the carmaker but the industry that is composed of companies focused on its

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Electric Cars Are An Inherently Anti-American Concept

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With a 1,700-mile drive behind me, I’ve had my fair share of time to do some thinking, and as any good automotive journalist does, I’ve been thinking about the widespread resistance to adopting electric cars, especially here in America. And I’m here to report that I think I’ve figured out a big reason behind this phenomenon: electric cars are inherently anti-American.

I know that sounds like a shitpost designed to get people fired up, but I want you to hear me out before you jump to the comments to tell me I’m

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