Liigu Mobility Shifts The Future Of Car Rental With Fully Mobile Access

TARTU, Estonia, Sept. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Liigu is a platform designed to provide new mobility solutions to various vehicle operators. Since vehicle-as-a-service is trending in the automotive world right now, both classic car rental companies and car dealerships with professional fleets can benefit from Liigu platform significantly. It is an easy way to expand revenue streams from the rapidly evolving mobility markets, get better utilization rates for existing fleets and satisfy customers’ growing need for contactless mobility services.

Using the Liigu Mobility platform enables vehicle operators to offer modern rental solutions that end customers seek: “This form of rental has to be the future – very efficient”, says one of the reviews online. It is the future indeed: easy, convenient, time-saving and available for all generations. No more standing in lines, filling in forms, no extra key to carry. The main struggles of traditional car rental are solved.

The Liigu Mobility platform has been built and developed in partnership with the technology provider Car Rental Gateway Ltd. The platform includes a mobile app allowing customers to book the car, find it in the desired location, unlock and lock it without using any additional tools or keys. Everything can be found in one’s smartphone. To guarantee a contactless yet seamless rental experience, Liigu provides personal customer support at every step of each customers’ journey. Having one platform, Liigu helps to save time and money needed for handling each rental. It allows vehicle operators to promote vehicles as a service product and increase turnover without hiring extra employees, investing in additional infrastructures such as customer service or selling points.

Liigu¬†is an app-based mobility platform. Liigu’s goal is to bring the future of car sharing to the world faster by making smart solutions available to more people. It offers a convenient and sustainable alternative to owning a car. Liigu platform connects professional vehicle owners with people searching for hassle-free personal mobility services from 1 hour up to 24 months.

Media contact:

Annemari Muru, CEO
Lai 11, Tartu 51005
Mobile: +372 5344 3295
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