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Global and China Automotive Lighting Industry Report, 2021 combs through intelligence trends of automotive lighting, technology routes, laws and regulations for automotive lighting industry, competitive pattern of automotive lighting market, automotive lighting companies’ deployments in intelligence, and their intelligent lighting configurations for mid- and high-class vehicle models.

Global automotive lighting market is highly concentrated, and Koito is the champion.

Automotive lighting is a highly concentrated market where bellwethers play a dominant role, that is, there are “one superpower and several powers”. In the global automotive lighting market, European, American and Japanese manufacturers are the main players. In 2020, Japan-based Koito was positioned first with market share of 25.3%, Italy’s Magneti Marelli (13.9%) and France-based Valeo (12.8%) followed, three together sweeping 52% of the global market.

Not to be outdone, Chinese automotive lighting bellwethers have developed dynamically interactive lighting technology in the automotive CASE trend. For example, at Auto Shanghai 2021, HASCO Vision Technology displayed an intelligent interactive lighting system that consists of PML intelligent headlamps and ISD tail lights.

The system can input user-defined texts, pictures and videos into the lighting domain controller which will then convert the content into elements and materials that the lamps can recognize to display the specific content and interact with the outside world. The system is mounted on Human Horizons HiPhi X.

In 2020, Changzhou Xingyu Automotive Lighting Systems also managed to develop rhythmic taillights capable of welcoming, the second-generation ambient lights with public voice interaction function, gesture controlled indoor lamps, and pixel-type headlamp modules.

Global automotive lighting leaders vie more fiercely for new technologies:

  • In September 2019, Koito rolled out BladeScanADB headlamp system which has been mounted on 2019 Lexus RX and 2021 Lexus LS.
  • At CES 2019, Magneti Marelli introduced its third-generation Smart Corner lighting technology which can integrate with all types of sensors including LiDAR, radar, camera and ultrasonic radar. The company also displayed advanced LED lighting functions such as digital light processing (DLP) and adaptive driving beam (ADB).
  • In March 2020, Hella unveiled SSL 100 light module. The system offers up to 102 pixels, each of which can be activated independently, and controls light distribution via ECU to automatically turn on and turn off LED in a designated area. SSL 100 light module has been introduced into Chinese market and mass-produced at HELLA lamp plant in Jiaxing.
  • In November 2020, the Human Centric Lighting (HCL) innovator Biological Innovations and Optimization Systems, LLC (BIOS), and Lumileds, joined forces to create a new SkyBlue LED. BIOS SkyBlue Circadian rhythm technology used in the new product is a solution to technical challenges of HCL.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Overview of Automotive Lighting

1.1 Classification of Automotive Lighting

1.2 Development History of Automotive Lighting

1.3 Automotive Lighting Industry Chain

1.4 LED Lighting

1.4.1 LED Lighting Industry Chain

1.4.2 Cost Structure of LED Lighting

1.4.3 Comparison of Cost and Price between Automotive Lamps with Different Light Sources

1.4.4 Classification of LED Lighting

1.4.5 Various LED Headlight Technologies

1.4.6 Pixel Headlight

1.5 Intelligent Headlight

1.5.1 Overview of Intelligent Headlight Technology Routes

1.5.2 Comparison of Advantages and Disadvantages between Intelligent Headlight Technology Routes, and Typical Manufacturers

1.5.3 Comparison of Parameters between Intelligent Headlight Technology Routes, and Application Trends

1.6 Development Trends of Automotive Lighting Technology

2 Regulations and Policies for Automotive Lighting Industry

2.1 Global Automotive Lighting Standard System

2.2 China’s Automotive Lighting Standard System

2.2.1 Automotive Lighting Regulations in China

2.2.2 China’s Requirements for Automotive Lighting Design

2.3 Automotive Lighting Regulations in United States

2.3.1 Automotive Lighting Standards in United States

2.4 Automotive Lighting Standards in Japan and Australia

2.5 Automotive Lighting Regulations in European Union

3 Global and China Automotive Lighting Markets

3.1 Competitive Pattern of Global Automotive Lighting Market

3.2 Global Automotive Lighting Market Size

3.3 Global Automotive Exterior Lighting Market Size

3.4 Global Penetration of Automotive LED Lighting

3.5 Global Intelligent Automotive Lighting Market Size

3.5.1 Intelligent Headlight Demand and Installation Rate

3.6 Competitive Pattern of China’s Automotive Lighting Market

3.7 China’s Automotive Lighting Market Size

3.8 China’s AFS and ADB Lighting Market Size

3.9 China’s Intelligent Automotive Lighting Market Size

3.9.1 China’s Demand for Intelligent Automotive Lighting

3.9.2 Demand Areas of Intelligent Automotive Lighting in China

3.10 Characteristics of China’s Automotive Lighting Industry

3.11 China’s Automotive Lighting Supporting

3.12 Intelligent Solutions of Major Global Automotive Lighting Manufacturers, and Supported Models

3.13 Statistics of Models Equipped with DMD Automotive Lighting Technology

4 Major Global Automotive Lighting Companies

4.1 Koito

4.2 Stanley

4.3 Magneti Marelli

4.4 Hella

4.5 Valeo


4.7 SL

4.8 LG Group

4.9 Magna

4.10 Lumileds

4.11 Varroc

4.12 Odelo

5 China’s Major Automotive Lighting Companies

5.1 HASCO Vision

5.2 Changzhou Xingyu Automotive Lighting Systems

5.3 Zhejiang Jiali (Lishui) Industry

5.4 Anrui Optoelectronics

5.5 Zhejiang Tianchong Vehicle Lamp Group

5.6 Hongli Zhihui Group

5.7 Nanning Liaowang Auto Lamp

5.8 DEPO Auto Parts Ind.

5.9 APT Electronics

5.10 Jiangsu Tongming Hi-tech Auto Electrical Appliance

5.11 Changzhou Tongbao Photoelectricity

5.12 Jiangsu Yedi Auto Lamp

5.13 Zhejiang Ginye Auto Parts

5.14 Xunchi Vehicle Jiangsu

5.15 Mande Electronics and Electrical

6 Intelligent Automotive Lighting Solutions Adopted by Automakers

6.1 Comparison of Intelligent Automotive Lighting Solutions Adopted by Automakers

6.2 Audi

6.3 BYD

6.4 Zhiji Motors

6.5 HiPhi

6.6 Great Wall Motor

6.7 Buick

6.8 Mercedes-Benz

6.9 Ford

6.10 Mazda

6.11 Lexus

6.12 Volvo

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